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September 12 2011

fuck this shit. i've had enough of images that don't load and posts that won't appear when you post them.

see you on tumblr.
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September 11 2011

September 10 2011

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September 09 2011

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September 04 2011

That awkward moment when you find an old conversation with someone you cared about but don't talk to anymore.

September 03 2011

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September 02 2011

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Imala je pravo. Bila je čeznuće,
san o zori, vjetar, bijes što steže gušu.
Samo s putovanjem stekla je pregnuće,
godinama zrijenja dobila je dušu.

Tin Ujević, Dozrijevanje ljepote, 1939

September 01 2011

August 31 2011

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August 27 2011

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former yugoslavia
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stare at it.
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August 26 2011

hab ich übrigens von hier (youtube kommentar eines users).
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